Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Human Resources consultant Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Human Resources consultant - Case Study Example This would have helped the bosses portray that they are quite interested in the store and the employees working there. 2. According to Equity theory, workers are motivated if they perceive that the reward is equal to the input given by workers (Koontz, 1986, p.295). The workers of Flight 001 do not perceive that the reward or compensation given to them is equal to their input and hard work due to which they have been de-motivated. Due to lack of motivation, the workers might not use their knowledge, skills and abilities at the optimum level and they might under produce. To motivate employees owners shave to pay compensation according to the amount of hard work and dedication injected by the workers in the business. 3. The hygiene factors that are being met in the organization include status, work environment and supervisory procedures. In this case we can see that employees feel that they are not just employees who are being supervised and assigned tasks, they feel that they are a very important part of the organization. This shows that the environment of the organization is quite flexible, there is less supervision and workers in the organization are quite loyal as they are treated as a part of the organization. Motivational factors existing in the organization’s environment include: recognition of achievement, greater responsibility and flexible working environment. The motivational factor of greater responsibility is available because owners have not just assigned tasks to workers, but owners are viewing employees that the main reason of organization’s success and are provided higher responsibilities such as decision making and problem solving. The organizations environment is quite flexible because the organization is not using any supervisors to keep an eye on the employees and employees are making decisions on their

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