Saturday, June 22, 2019

Email Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Email Policy - Essay ExampleThe technologies like telephone and early(a) earlier modes of swift communication systems too had some problems on the issues of etiquette in their usage. still on contrary, the current issue in monitoring electronic mail is roughly monitoring everyone due to the comprehensive connectively among all users in the organization. The apprehensions on the insurance of archiving all the emails to disturb on the productivity of the company from the resentment generated due to restriction imposed on the freedom of employees expression is not very serious. The research studies undertaken across the world to assess the employees attitude towards email user policy strongly recommends that absence seizure to articulate an effective email policy would give wrong signal on the user attitude (Weisband and Reinig, 1995). The experience of Jason Perry clearly justifies this finding that the absence of a proper policy too have given the users to take the technology to their personal advantage and made it detrimental to the reputation and credibility of the organization.But in the case of M/S Johnson & Dresser, the issue that confuses the top management is on the outcome of the implementation earlier than the policy framework preparation for the email usage in the company. More over, Jason Perry as an architect for the effective implementation of the policy shall prepare necessary exercises to sensitize the entire community around him in the organization to reinforce in them the need for a code of email usage in the organization. And to create a proper prudent approach towards this rather than an offensive strategy, it would also be essential for the CEO and the other responsible members in the company to have a public release of the company policy as a benchmarking program in creating digital ethics codes (Simmers, 2002). This would help the employees to rally behind such a noble cause which otherwise would be invite significant amount of suspi cion in the mind of the employees. On the content

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