Saturday, June 8, 2019

Put the best subject you fell its good Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Put the best subject you fell its good - Essay ExampleThis may involve the frequency with which earthquakes are experienced in definite regions. In addition, seismicity may refer to the type of earthquake as advantageously as the size of the earthquake experienced in certain regions.Earthquakes are characterized by the shaking of the earth surface, leading to deaths, destruction of properties as well as changes in the physical features of the landscape. Earthquakes can manifest in several fault types. These accommodate the reverse fault, the normal fault as well as the strike-slip faults (Sinvhal, 2010). Each type of fault is associated with a range of earthquake magnitude. Earthquakes majorly occur in volcanic regions. In such regions, tectonic faults as well as magma movements mostly ca do them.It is of crucial significance to note that earthquakes are measured through the use of seismometers. These instruments are quite beneficial in measuring the intensity of the earthquake wh enever they occur in any region. In addition, the seismometers are also beneficial in measuring other aspects of earthquakes relating to the magnitude of such an earthquake (Sinvhal, 2010). The earthquakes of very low magnitudes are measured using special instruments specifically adapted for such earthquakes of tear down magnitudes. One of these instruments for measuring low magnitude earthquakes is called Ritcher scale, which is a part of the seismometer.It is of crucial significance to note that earthquakes occur when the rocks underground break and move under violent pressure and stress. The vibrations associated with the earthquakes makes the rocks underground to break. This leads to release of lots of energy from beneath the ground. This energy is very strong and is capable of causing massive destructions to the landscape itself, infrastructure, structures as well as property (Brumbaugh, 2010). Moreover, the energy released from the underground following the incidences of

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