Saturday, June 1, 2019

Honda, The Car Everyone Needs :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Honda, The Car Everyone Needs Beep Beep Beep Goes the alarm clock in the other room. Oh man, surely it cant be time to substantiate up yet, you think to yourself. As you scramble divulge of the bed and into the shower, the thought crosses your mind, I hope my railcar starts. You take the quickest shower possible and obliterate breakfast so fast you almost choke and then realize, Im still going to be late for my 8 oclock class. You race out of the house with your keys in your hand, jump into the car, and damn it wont start. Then, you think to yourself, could this day get any worse? If this sounds like your typical morning, then I have the car for you. What kind of car do you drive? Is it a piece of junk that is falling apart? Are you looking to buy a new car? Are you go to college presently? If you answered yes to the majority of these questions then you could be in the market to buy a Honda civic. Every college student should own a Honda Civic. After all t he Honda Civic ranks as the best selling compact car in America. Why wouldnt it be? Being affordable, reliable, durable, safe, economical, compact and sporty, with low insurance rates, and not to mention achieving broad gas mileage makes this car the best. This car has everything I look for when buying a new car and more. Price affordability is definitely the first thing I notice when looking at this car. When going to college most students dont have thousands of extra dollars lying around, so price is one of our main concerns. Price is an extremely winning factor when looking at a Honda Civic because they are highly affordable starting around the low price of $14,000. If your one of those people that moldiness have all the accessories and options, then you can buy a Honda Civic nicely equipped for around $16,000, which as you can see is very affordable when compared to others in its class. This very affordable car also has a reputation for reliability. A relia ble car is beyond doubt what a stressed out college student needs.

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