Friday, July 26, 2019

Choose any topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Choose any topic - Essay Example However, every country that practices democracy as its system of governance has its way of interpreting it which might not appear always rational in other societies based on their actions, culture and beliefs. Unlike before, nowadays people’s opinions are forwarded to the government by elected representatives elected by that society as the population is much higher for every person to directly address the government. This has increased the much needed transparency and reason which must accompany the decision of a representative, for one would appear a fool to present an idea before thinking about its end results even though being the choice of majority (President Obama). The majority are not always right for a decision made by many uninformed people does not always auger well for them and the society they live in, hence the leadership even though democracy must put a reason in their governing to yield better results for all. Successful democracy must not be ultimate system whe re the majority of the people is entitled to make all the opinions regardless of the minority groups which in many circumstances might end up being mobbed rule. A good example of worst mob rule confused with democracy is the Nazis Brown Shirts from Germany. A mature democracy must observe ethics, reason and morals which are formulated by the majority citizens (President Obama). The ideas of democracy that do not observe reasons are tantamount to oppression or hypocrisy of the great order as the rulers who do not engage in reasonable ideas yet they purport to practice democracy manipulate the population to consent to their selfish deed while critics are suppressed. Just as President Obama comments in his speech delivered at Cairo University on June 2009 states that, ‘elections alone do not make true democracy’ (President Obama), democratically elected leadership must adhere to reason in its execution of its assigned duties if truly it follows a democratic system of gover nance. It is said that absolute power corrupt absolutely and if a government however determined to be free to its people remain unchecked by other organs within its rank, it will slowly transform into a tyrannical regime. The ideals that tie together democracy and reason in a democratic society are the ingredients approved and means well for the people being governed. These rational democratic ingredients that a leader must maintain are placing the interest of the people and legitimizing political working process beyond party politics, respecting the right of minority groups, maintaining power through consent instead of coercion and allowing compromise and tolerance. The ideas of democracy and reason are also tied together because freedom must be tolerated without being biased toward a leader believes. For example, it would be a violation of democracy to allow a certain religion to be practiced in your area as a leader while you bar others. Lack of religious tolerance would lender a leader dictatorial as he/she would be violating the right of minority groups toward their rights of worship of which would lead to animosity and conflict in the barred groups (President Obama). Reason must be applied to all laws where all people all catered for equally without

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