Saturday, July 27, 2019

Project Controls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Controls - Essay Example This paper will therefore discuss issues on the changes likely to occur, quality evaluation, change control and appropriate communication of performance objectives. There are various changes that have not been planned for that may affect the project if not well catered for before project execution. These changes may be as a result of various problems that may occur during project implementation. They are mainly logistical as well as technical or operational problems. This paper has, however, identified three major problems that may create need for changes in planed process flows. First, the acquisition of the server’s license meant for the San Jose facility may be faced by delay if the legal provisions are changed to include more requirements and say additional application fees. Secondly, since the acquisition of the servers and modules for the various upgrade components may depend on the global and local supply changes, delivery may be affected through extended lead times. Lastly, there is likelihood, even though to minimal levels, of compatibility problems with the existing hardware at the facilities where upgrades will be conducted and hence creating further delays or even project overhaul. The intended project has set a higher quality assurance measures that will ensure that its implementation will be a success in terms of costs and performance. With the work breakdown structure in place, every implementation stage will ensure that the best techniques of installation and the best available and relevant software and hardware components are utilized. Having looked at the various changes that may come up during project execution, this paper proposes a three step for change control. The first phase will involve the evaluation of how the change is likely to affect the project. Secondly, the project implementation team will draw a timeline of tackling

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