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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay Example for Free

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay Who can forget the initials FDR? Frank Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States. He was a very good public servant. In fact, he has served for 12 years (1933-1945) as the President of America and has great involvement during the Second World War and the world economic crisis. He worked hard and made the New Deal to aid the great depression that the world has suffered that time. With the New Deal, he was able to give some relief to the unemployed and to reform the economic systems. He was able to established several programs that became instrumental in the recovery of the economy and the nation’s commerce. One of his great contribution and became one of his essential legacies is the Social Security System. It was January 30, 1882 when Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York. He was the good son of James and Sara Roosevelt. He acquired his education with the aid of his parent and private tutors. He got an excellent educational background. During his preparatory, he was send to Groton in Massachusetts. Amusingly, he acquired his bachelor degree in History in Harvard for only three years. After this, he took law at the Columbia University and passed the bar examination in 1907. He exercised his law expertise in 3 years in a popular law firm in New York. He was happily married to Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the niece of the late President Theodore Roosevelt. They have six children in which five only survives during infancy; Anna, James, Elliot, Franklin, Jr. , and John. In 1910, his political career has started and been elected as a Senator under the banner of the Democrat Party. Two years after, he was reelected as a Senator. He supported Woodrow Wilson in his candidacy at the Democratic National Convention and as a reward for his support, he was appointed as the Assistant of the Navy for seven years. He was an effective and efficient administrator of Navy. His experience in the Navy has prepared him for his future position as the commander-in-chief during the Second World War. He was nominated for vice president by the Democratic Party during the 1920’s election however; many anti-Wilson plans have gained popularity, and thus making the Republican Party won the presidency in 1920. Roosevelt’s political career suddenly stops. In 1921, Roosevelt has stricken a poliomyelitis while having a summer vacation at the Campobello Island, New Brunswick. With a crippling illness, he established a foundation, which aims to help polio victims, and eventually directed the establishment March of Dimes program that funded anti-polio vaccines. With his current situation, Roosevelt became afraid to return to politics but with the encouragement of his wife Eleanor and Louis Howe, Roosevelt resumed his political runs. In 1924, he nominated New York Governor Alfred E. Smith for president however, smith lost to his co-nominee John W. Davis. In 1928, finally Smith became the Democratic candidate for President and campaigned for Roosevelt candidacy as Governor of New York. Unfortunately, Smith lost the Presidential election to Herbert Hoover. On the other hand, Roosevelt has won the election and been elected as the new Governor of New York. He was reelected as Governor in 1930. Following this, he then starts the campaign for presidency. I was the right time for Roosevelt to enhance his reputation. The economic depression severely damaged the reputation of President Hoover and the rest of the Republicans. During that time, Roosevelt has won the nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for president. He called for government intervention, which aims to give a relief, recovery and reform in the economic status of the United States. In 1932, he became the new president of US defeating Hoover by seven million votes. The depression has worsened the economic situation; closing of many factories and farms, increasing bank failures and rate of unemployment. Roosevelt has faced the greatest battle of his life. To be able to cope up with the worsening situations, he immediately undertook preemptive actions and initiated the New Deal. His actions include the closing of banks temporarily to calm all the depositors. He did not stop working. In his first â€Å"100 days† in the position, he worked with a special session of congress in order to pass recovery legislations. The legislations established the so-called alphabet agencies such the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Both of these agencies seek to help people; AAA will support farm prices and CCC will help to employ young men. Other agencies are set up to give assistance to labor and business, to insure bank deposits, to control and regulate stock market, to subsidize home and farm mortgage payments and to help the unemployed. Although his New Deal program was, a great help in the economic recovery; it resulted to an increase in government spending and unbalanced budget allocation that led to criticisms. Nevertheless, this state did not affect the political popularity of Roosevelt. In 1935, he established the Works projects administration (WPA) that gives employment to many people including the artists, writers, musicians and authors. In addition to this, Roosevelt has established the Social Security Act that gives additional compensation and benefits to employees. He was the only American president to take the position more than two terms. He defeated Alfred M. Landon in 1936, Wendell Wilkie in 1940 and Thomas E. Dewey in 1944. After he gained his awesome victory in the presidential election in 1936, Roosevelt has also gained some critics of the New Deal. The Supreme Court had declared several legislations unconstitutional. Many setbacks have occurred during his second term. He led United States away from the Isolationism during the World War. He has supported Winston Churchill with his efforts against the Axis Powers. Roosevelt played an important role in the post-world war. He created the United Nations in 1945, which has the goal of maintaining world peace. With his leadership, the American liberalism was redefined and the Democratic Party was restructured. The United States became neutral regarding the war however when the Japanese attacked the Pearl harbor on December 7, 1941, four days after both Italy and Germany have declared war against the United States, US was put into war. As a commander-in-chief of US military armed forces, he exercised his powers in order to fight the axis powers. He initiated the formation of â€Å"grand alliance† which was against Japan, Italy and Germany. His first mission is to invade Europe. The United States together with its allies invaded North Africa, then Sicily and Italy. Axis Powers have lost their momentum. Finally, Germany was invaded and certainly, victory in Europe was attained. The stress, strain, difficulties, struggles in the war has brought Roosevelt into sickness. Early of 1944, he was subjected to a full medical examination. The findings showed that he has a serious heart and circulatory complications. His physicians took care of him and always regulate his food intake. He was placed to a very strict medication. However, none of the efforts treats the malady. The pressures of war and politics worsen his condition. April 12, 1945 at the Warm Springs, Georgia, he got a massive stroke and eventually died after two and one-half hours. He died at the age of 63. It was the time when United States have gained a complete victory in Europe and Japan. His remains were buried at his hometown. Franklin D. Roosevelt is a noble man, a brave man. Who can forget him- his contributions to his nation and even to the world? Roosevelt dedication on his role as the leader was amazing. With his crippled legs, he was able to serve the people, the people who really seek for help. I remember one of his quotations,† A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward†. Roosevelt was one of the greatest men who live on earth. He was a prudent leader. He does not let his deficiencies overcome his ambitions. He was a role model to everyone. He always looked for the welfare of his people. He can be considered as a hero. I admire him for being persevering. For me he is man of his words– a man that would do anything just to serve helpless people. I admired him for being a strong-willed person. He never gives up and very firm with all the decisions he made. I admired him for being Franklin D. Roosevelt. Work Cited â€Å"2006. The American Presidency. 10 April 2008 http://ap. grolier. com/article? assetid=a2025680-h.

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