Thursday, May 30, 2019

Analysis of poetic techniques in The Company of Lovers Essay -- Judith

Judith Wright, who was born during the First World War, lived through, and was greatly influenced by, many wars that Australia had involved herself in. During an interview in 1985, Judith Wright recounts how her puerility was overshadowed by images of war, and therefore many of her earliest memories were connected with war and its effects. The constant presence of danger forced Wright to confront her awareness that all life ends in death, which has haunted her metrical composition throughout her years. The fear of death and loss has been expressed in The Company of Lovers, which was published in 1946, after Wright saw the influence of the morsel World War on Australia. Judith Wrights success in translating human existence into poetry has resulted in a rich creation of exuberant expression and sincerity. Her poetry has the ability to connect reason and emotion through various poetic techniques in such a way that knowledge and experience are correspond in a powerful yet dense fashi on.One would find a great challenge in expressing deep experiences in a poem consisting of simply two octaves. However, through the employment of poetic techniques Judith Wright has captured her knowledge of life and death, and the effects of war, and successfully translated them into her poem ?The Company of Lovers?. This poem reflects an entire generation, worldwide, who went to war, and their lovers and family who were left behind, indicated in the opening line, ?We meet and part now over all the world?. Wright has employed a paradox, ?We meet and part? to encourage an awareness of coinciding substance and departure. This paradox serves two functions, to suggest that a brief moment between lovers may soon be disrupted, and to communicate said idea in a condensed... ...remark competent capacity to go beyond and above what can be grasped by the senses. ?The Company of Lovers?, which literally associates love and death, contains a raw essence that supports attributes of reality wh ich explores the tie-up between inner existence and actual reality, which is effectively and concisely represented through these use of poetic devices, such as paradox? and personification. Wright?s invade with love and death, a feminist and metaphysical issue, had been constantly in her thoughts. However, later in her life, once she had met her lover and had their daughter, she was able to accept death as non an enemy but as phase in the cyclical nature of life. Through the use and develop of poetic techniques, such as structure, language, imagery and movement, Wright has been able to address her concerns with love and death in a vivid but compacted manner.

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