Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Gender Perspective Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Gender Perspective - Term Paper ExampleMost of the females saltation their activities within the boundaries of their understructure in the past. On the other hand, men went outside for better prospects and opportunities. In other words, men got much exposure whereas women got less exposure in the past because of the different perceptions about the sexuality. Gender perspectives have been changed a lot today. Neither men, nor the women are satisfied by their present roles and they are trying to incorporate much dimensions to their gender roles today. Men are just beginning to realize that the traditional definition of masculinity leaves them unrealized and dissatisfied. While women have left the scale from which they were impris unityd by the ideology of separate spheres and now seek to balance work and family lives, men continue to search for a way back into the family from which they were exiled by the alike ideology (Kimmel, 2011, p.267) The advancements in science and tec hnology brought many changes in homo life and it also affected some of the traditional beliefs, customs and life philosophies. As the knowledge of the human increases, some of the established traditions of human life are also changing along with it. Current women are not ready to limit their lives within the boundaries of home alone. Today, they are demanding equality with males, not only in personal or lord life, but also in all the aspects of human life. The concepts about human versedity were also changed a lot in the present century. Females no longer ready to act as an instrument or slave in the bedrooms, under the strict control of men. Earlier, the major duty of the females was to satisfy the males in sexual activities even if they may not derive any pleasure out of it. However, current females are not ready to obey such traditions and they are currently not ready to engage in one sided sexual activities which give happiness only to the males. In short, gender perspectiv es in the past, present and in time to come need not be the same. This paper analyses various dimensions of current gender perspectives focusing mainly on Asia, especially China. Gender roles Genetically, males and females have some differences which cannot be neglected when we decide about assuming true duties to men and women. It is impossible for men to conceive whereas it is impossible for a woman to give birth to a child without seeking help from a male. In other words, mutual cooperation among men and women is a prerequisite enforced by the nature for sustaining life on earth. Risk taking attitudes are more among males because of their splendid muscle power whereas females may possesses more soft skills than males. It is difficult for men to look after their children as their wives do. Traditionally or historically, males have the responsibility of finding the livelihood whereas the females have the responsibility of the development of children and home management. However, such concepts have changed a lot at present and all these responsibilities are shared as by the male and female community at present. Professional life is no more particular to males and child management is no more limited to females. The gender perspective looks at the impact of gender on peoples opportunities, social roles and interactions. Successful implementation of the policy, program and project goals of international and national organizations is directly affected by the impact of gender and, in turn, influences the process of social development. Gender is an integral component

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