Sunday, May 19, 2019

Database Applications Used in Our Organization Essay

Our company has really advanced in terms of database management. Initially, they were employ Microsoft feeler database employment soft but recently they introduced Oracle database application. This change has been brought about by the economic increase in the country which has in turn seen our system of rules grow significantly. Microsoft Access database application is the commonest database application that is apply by majority of the firms especially the small one. One of the benefits of using this database is that it is relatively compatible with Structure inquiry language (SQL).Most organizations have made employ of the softw ar for one is that its in dearly-won to maintain and secondly its because most employees are family with its application. Our company has not been an exception we have over the years been using the software to store all our data in it and were able to retrieve the entropy without difficultness. The database application software is very useful in out organization as we have eliminated the use of subjects in our office. This has also increase the efficiency of activities within and outside the organization.This has ensured that tasks are accomplished quick within the organization and this ensures that organizational goals and objectives are achieved in the long run. Previous, the use of paper work in the organization would lead to some processed being delayed and this in turn to delay to terminus of a deal that would have benefited the organization financially. For this case, elimination of the paper work has seen deals being completed faster and the company gains financially.Recently, the management saw the need of introducing advanced database application software that would be able to accept the huge data the need to be store within our system. Due to this reason, they proposed to introduce Oracle database application software in the organization although the Microsoft Access database application software is still in use. The reason of using both is to ensure that all employees familiarize with the new system before implementing the Oracle database application full in the organization.Another reason of maintaining both systems in the organization is because it would take time for the organization to transfer of training the entire data store in the Microsoft Access to the Oracle system. There is still room for value as far as database management is concerned in our organization to ensure that our services are delivery even faster so that we can increase our sale and achieve our organizational goals and objectives.For this case, the organization needs to ensure that all employees familiarize themselves with the Oracle database application software so that we can fit rid of Microsoft Access. It is always wise for an organization to advance with technology since many large organization are no longer using the Microsoft Access and incase they interact, they might be a problem overdue to compatib ility of learning.There is also a need for the organization to introduce DB2 database application software which is also salute effective database application software. Organizations especially large one like ours should ensure they get rid of paper work which slows processes within the organization. They should adopt database application software that is cost effective in term of issue forth of employees to be employed to handle and maintain companys data and speed of processing information within the organization.

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