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Current Strategy

CURRENT STRATEGY SUMMARY FOR INFRASTRUCTURE operations SUPPORT SERVICES (IOSS) JOINT BASE POWELL, CA This document was compiled by the IOSS project office and summarizes how to a greater extent of the articulate Base Po thoroughly Infrastructure, Operations, and Sup demeanor serving (IOSS) requirements listed in the draft PWS were acquired in the past. Each gain theater is briefly coered by providing information most any stream initiatives/ squeezes, current capital punishment problems, and stakeholder comments about any changes in projected requirements.This document is intended to booster the integrated acquisition project squad 1) understand and consider the implications of how the various IOSS service requirements were procured in the past and/or argon before long macrocosm procured 2) identify potential risks involved in fulfilling the advanced requirements and 3) contemplate the extent to which any active policies and enterprisingness sourcing strategies might sh ape the acquisition strategy for this consolidated IOSS requirement. OVERVIEWThe pass alonged IOSS requirement for articulate Base Powell includes 10 service playing welkins. Some of the requirements in these service areas halt been fulfilled through an expiring IOSS foreshorten and a material body of the services render been fulfilled through a multitude of several(prenominal) services learns. The spare- clip activity display board summarizes the primary past sources for each of the 10 service areas in the IOSS requirement. supporter Area earlier seed iron out Type Housing front IOSS hire CPIF/FFPTransportation / Motor Pool counsel Previous IOSS Contract CPIF/FFP Engineering Multiple Large and Sm either Businesses Various Janitorial/Custodial AbilityOne & Sm alone Businesses FFP Grounds belongings / Landscaping Multiple Sm only Businesses FFP Personnel Management and subscribe Large Business FFP Security apology Large Business Various Financial Management Large Business FFP flying field Management Previous IOSS Contract CPIF/FFP user interface patronage Previous IOSS Contract CPIF/FFP CURRENT/EXPIRING IOSS CONTRACTFour of the service areas envisioned as go bad of the innovative IOSS thin out are currently being fulfilled by the expiring IOSS slim with imbibe, Inc. menu / tug pool sleep withment, accommodate, airfield operations, and port operations. The current incur is a 5-year (1 traveling bag year and 4 cream years) CPIF/FFP contract, and the final option year is due to expire in a little over 12 months. Contract Infrastructure, Operations, Service and Support (IOSS) asseverator drink, Inc. (large business) NAICS Code 561210 come in cling to $97. 5M Type CPIF/FFP Period of carrying out 5 years (1-year abode with 4 option years) Below is a high- train breakdown of the exist of this contract by FY. annexation FY 20X0 FY 20X1 FY 20X2 FY 20X3 FY 20X4 Total O&M 18. 5M $18. 9M $19. 3M $19. 7M $21. 1M $97. 5M Housi ng Services The existing IOSS contract covers the following types of Housing Management Services * Housing recordming and force placement * Housing cover counselling * Housing design and renovation court estimation, budgeting, and reporting * Pre-occupancy, pre-departure, and post-departure inspections Transportation / Motor Pool Management Services The existing IOSS contract covers the following Transportation / Motor Pool Management Services * Operate, maintain, and manage all other(a) services for the facilitys motor vehicle pool * Basic passenger and cargo transportation, loading, and unloading services (as needed) field of operation Management Services The existing IOSS contract covers the following types of Airfield Management Services Airfield operations staffing * Airfield management and oversight * Airfield inspections (daily, monthly, yearly) and reporting * Airfield use planning, scheduling, and management * Coordinating with all local flying units * Flight pl anning live on Port Support The existing IOSS contract covers the following types of Port Support Services * Support for biannual transfers of leave * Port maintenance and service planning * Port signage maintenance * Fire support services * peck support services (laundry, food, etcetera * Port operational support services (fueling/defueling, vehicle maintenance and reco very, supply, etc. ) Supplier Information Strategic Infrastructure Professionals (SIP), Inc. is a large business known for their extensive control with the federal government, including works as service/capability integrators. They are one of the few companies large ample to pull unneurotic and manage the various teaming partners and sub asserters inevitable to fulfill the various requirements for an IOSS contract. Current executionHousing Among other consummation requirements, the current contract specifies that the contractor forget * Place 98% of personnel in appropriate housing deep down the doorsil l succession period * Process 95% of housing applications within the threshold eon period * Complete all housing design and renovation projects no more than 8% over the established stem turnline cost or schedule * Respond to ampere-second% of node service requests within the threshold time period * Complete 95% of all required inspections on scheduleThough acting well boilers suit under these requirements, SIP has had trouble meeting the application processing (threshold time) and customer service request (threshold response time) requirements during nearly performance review periods. SIP attributes these issues to subcontractor mismanagement (which it takes responsibility for) and unrealistic estimates of volume fluctuations. SIP has also raised several(prenominal) perplexitys about its ability to accurately estimate its costs given those comparable volume fluctuations. Transportation / Motor PoolThe transportation / motor pool management services requirements also qu alify that the contractor is required to maintain the motor pool at a threshold average approachability of 97%, as well as respond to transportation requests for cargo within all bout and emergency service calls within the specify time limits 100% of the time. SIP has had trouble meeting the transportation availability and response time requirements. SIP attributes these issues to unrealistic expectations of an aging motor pool.Airfield Management The airfield management services requirements aver that the contractor is required to maintain threshold staffing levels, complete 98% of all required inspections on schedule, submit 95% of all required reports on schedule, receive no more than pentad formalize complaints from local flying units per reporting period, and resolve all scheduling conflicts within threshold SLAs. SIP has been monitory in its performance of the Airfield Management services. Port SupportThe port support requirements depose that the contractor is required to support biannual transfers of authority with no validated complaints per transfer, complete 98% of all required service on schedule, complete 98% of all required inspections on schedule, submit 95% of all required reports on schedule, and receive no more than five dollar billr validated complaints regarding troop support and port operational support services per reporting period. SIP has been exemplary in its performance of the Port Support services.Stakeholder Comments on intercommunicate Requirements The recent BRAC decisions to move personnel and organizations to Joint Base Powell testament present some residential facilities maintenance challenges, as personnel go forth be relocating to the installation from antithetical locations on different timetables. Facilities requirements and lead times can vary as much as 30% from estimates during these planned relocations, which specify only a five-year window. Complying with the Better Buying Power memorandum and its myriad e fficiency initiatives are a top priority.The Pentagon program element monitor communicated that a 5-10% reduction in O&M documentation over the succeeding(a) 3-4 years is a realistic possibility. Stakeholders for this contract will be looking for satisfying cost savings and more granular insight into program costs. There is also some solicitude about the organizational infrastructure and support for a contract of this size and screen background. The program manager and the installation Commander are in separate chains of command from the contracting organization, which may create some challenges.In addition, the program office for this new IOSS contract will be different than the program office for the existing IOSS contract. Some institutional knowledge may be lost, and there will certainly be a learning curve when it comes to contract administration. ENGINEERING SERVICES Many base tenants and independently funded programs at Joint Base Powell pursue their own contracts for u sual engineering services. Most of these engineering services requirements are for pass engineering advisory & avail services (A&AS), but support is frequently needed for specific and clear-cut engineering projects as well.Current Initiatives/Contracts An enterprise contract for engineering A&AS is in place that individual program offices use to fulfill many of their needs for engineering services. Contract General Engineering Support Services (GESS) Contractors ManTech (large business) TEDCO (large business) Littlefield & Chang ( comminuted business) MECC, Inc. (large business) AnCal Consulting (small business) NAICS Code 541330 Total apprise $17. 3M Type IDIQ Period of Performance One year base with four option yearsBelow is a high-level breakdown of the past and projected patronage for this contract by FY. Appropriation FY 20X0 FY 20X1 FY 20X2 FY 20X3 FY 20X4 Total O&M / R&D $3. 0M $3. 3M $3. 6M $3. 7M 3. 7M $17. 3M Current Performance Now in the middle of the second opt ion year (four months remaining), there have been few issues with the contractors services to date. Each task order released under the contract specifies its own performance requirements, but in general the tasks are either FFP or incentivize the contractor to meet cost and schedule targets.Most of the issues that have arisen in this service area stem from variability in volume and conditionsthe restore of an influx of personnel from BRAC on requirements scope and scheduling, for example, or the impact of severe weather on development or building management. Stakeholder Comments on Projected Requirements Were looking for engineering services, including comprehensive planning, project programming, project management, design and construction management, technical assistance and evaluations, engineering support, and warranty service management.However, there has been a lot of discussion about this service area in particular. Not all functional stakeholders want these services to be c ombined. Most kindred create their own engineering contracts. Some additional comments * The requirements in this service area are likely to be impacted by local environmental regulations. * Given the amount of change orders involved in regular(prenominal) engineering services tasks, the contractor will bear an increased management burden for this service area * We need to retain cost viability, but some of the engineering services might be go around suited as task orders on an IDIQ vehicle. The evaluation standards and criteria will have to be written very clearly to allow for an accurate value judgment in this services area the current neediness of clarity around some of the afterlife requirements in this area may be an issue, as we will want to give the team room to trade off past performance and skill level against cost. JANITORIAL/CUSTODIAL SERVICES Currently, a few local small businesses and personnel supplied under the AbilityOne program pass on janitorial services for the installation.Although janitorial services arent very complex, theyre essential to maintain the installations exemplary appearance and comply with local, state, and federal laws. Janitorial services my seem like an insignificant commodity, but the personnel at the installation support a variety of critical missions and DoD functions, and the quality of the janitorial services provided affect their working environment and their ability to do their jobs. Current Contract InformationThe AbilityOne program is a Federal initiative to help people who are blind or have other significant disabilities find employment by working within a national network of over 600 Nonprofit Agencies that sell products and services to the U. S. government. The program is administered by the Committee for Purchase from People Who Are screen door or Severely Disabled. AbilityOne offers numerous products for immediate purchase through a catalog, some items on the Federal Supply Schedule, and thousands of s ervices nationwide.The National Industries for the Blind (NIB) and NISH-Creating Employment Opportunities for People with Significant Disabilities support AbilityOne, and contracting officers wishing to work with AbilityOne can provide a Statement of Work ( set out) to NIB or NISH for a price proposal. In addition to the AbilityOne program, the Installation awarded a contract nearly five years ago for custodial services. Contract Installation Custodial Services (ICS) Contractors Apex Maintenance, Inc. local veteran owned small business) Thompson Windows & Floors (local small business) A1C Professionals (local small business) NAICS Code 561720 Total Value $2,939,500 Type Firm Fixed Price (Multiple Award) Period of Performance Five year base with five option years Below is a high-level breakdown of the cost of this contract by FY. Appropriation FY 20X8 FY 20X9 FY 20X0 FY 20X1 FY 20X2 Total O&M $565,000 $589,000 $592,000 $592,500 $601,000 $2. 939,500 Service RequirementsUnder this co ntractwhich was competed as a small business clan asideApex, Thompson, and A1C provide standard custodial services (interior building cleaning, restroom cleaning and deodorizing, window cleaning, rug cleaning, etc. ) for the installation. Theyre nearing the end of a five-year base period of performance (four months remaining), and there are five option years remaining on the contract. Current Performance The combination of suppliers on the ICS contract and support from the AbilityOne program has met the installations custodial services requirements satisfactorily during the base period of performance.In both cases, the SOW specifies a performance threshold for each individual service of no more than five validated customer complaints per month. The number of validated customer complaints per month has only exceeded the threshold 3 times in over 50 months on the ICS contract, and has never exceeded the threshold for the AbilityOne program. There are no significant performance issue s outstanding with any of the service providers. There are two buildings being renovated and one under construction that will need to be factored into the next contract.Currently, the Installation furnishes 1800-square feet of office space (three offices) to serve as administrative offices for the ICS contractors, as well as supply closets distributed throughout the installations facilities at the facility managers discretion. Stakeholder Comments on Projected Requirements We currently project no significant changes to the installations custodial requirements. Since these are commercial services, the risk of competing them seems low, with the biggest concern being avoiding gaps in service during the transition.Its unknown whether Apex, Thompson, and A1C would be willing to team with a new prime contractor. There is some political pressure to support local small businesses in the current economic climate, and we do have to consider the possibility of protests from offerors who dont w in the award. We also have to consider the recent emphasis on unbundling contracts to promote small business growth and participation in local markets. We will need to conduct an abridgment to determine the impact that bundling these services together will have on local small businesses.GROUNDS KEEPING/LANDSCAPING SERVICES Local small businesses also provide all the understanding keeping and landscaping services the installation requires. Much like janitorial services, grounds keeping and landscaping seem trivial or simple, but the quality and appearance of the landscaping and grounds can directly affect installation personnel and shape visitors lasting impressions of the installation. In other words, we take it for granted until it impacts us. The contractor will be expected to promote and maintain the appearance of all exterior areas of the installation.Current Contract Information Two contracts currently provide this service for the installation. The first, seven months into it s first option year, was awarded to Teds Tree Service, a Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Contract Tree Trimming Contractor Teds Tree Service, Inc. Number of Employees 15 NAICS Codes 561730 Total Value $360,000 Type FFP Period of Performance 3 years (1-year base with 2 option years) Below is a high-level breakdown of the cost of this contract by FY. Appropriation FY 20X1 FY 20X2 TotalO&M $125,000 $117,000 $242,000 The second, five months into its first option year, is a multiple-award contract for all other lawn services. Contract Grounds Keeping and Landscaping Contractors LocalGreen (small business) YLC, Inc. (small disadvantaged business) NAICS Code 561730 Total Value $1,256,000 Type Firm Fixed Price (Multiple Award) Period of Performance 2 years (1-year base with 1 option year) Below is a high-level breakdown of the cost of this contract by FY. Appropriation FY 20X1 FY 20X2 Total $623,000 $633,000 $1,256,000 Service Requirements Under these contracts, Teds provid es year-round tree trimming, pruning, removal, and maintenance and arborist consulting services, and LocalGreen and YLC provide all grounds keeping and landscaping services (lawn care, planting, walkways, patios, fertilizing, etc. ) except snow removal. Current Performance two contracts are being executed satisfactorily, and all performance thresholds have been met so far in both cases. Both contracts are in the middle of their first option years.Teds performance thresholds for tree trimming specify response times and maximum number of customer complaints. YLC and LocalGreen are also beholden to response time and customer complaint thresholds. None of the three has had a customer complaint in the last xii months. Stakeholder Comments on Projected Requirements As you know, we have many new residents moving onto the installation due to the BRAC initiative. This will generally impact any contract or service area on base, but especially those that pertain directly to facilities mainte nance or maintenance to the traffic areas.As with janitorial/custodial services, we currently project no significant changes to the installations grounds keeping requirements. With janitorial/custodial services, its unknown whether YLC, LocalGreen, and Teds would be willing to team with a new prime contractor. We will have to include this service area in our analysis on the impact to local small businesses of bundling these services in the next contract. PERSONNEL focal point AND SUPPORT SERVICES A large business, Jankell Corporation, currently provide our personnel management and support.While our stakeholders are pleasant with Jankells performance in this service area, personnel management and support services fit within the IOSS construct and could easily be combined with the other services in an omnibus contract. Current Contract Information The Joint Base Powells existing contract with Jankell Corporation is due to expire in May 20X1, several months prior to the expected awar d date for the new IOSS omnibus contract. Service Requirements Jankell Corp. provides the following types of Personnel Management and Support Services Human resources staff management * Personnel records maintenance and systems management * Establishing position descriptions and job qualifications * Customer service * Education and training * Counseling services * Awards programs While overall the stakeholders are satisfied, there have been some complaints. For example, complaints include the difficulty involved in acquire approval to change, update, or add position descriptions. Stakeholder Comments on Projected RequirementsWhile the other services being discussed are critical for the Joint Base Powell and its operations, Personnel Management and Support services typically impact the esprit de corps and of the workforce more so than the other services and, as such, they need to be carefully considered in terms of who is selected to perform these critical duties. Efficiency and cos t savings should not replace value when deciding on a contractor to provide these services. SECURITY PROTECTION SERVICES We have been meeting our bail/ safeguard services requirements through a large business, AlliedPro, Inc.While AlliedPro has been successfully performing typical commercial protection protection services, we would like to streamline this approach, centralizing all Joint Base Powell warrantor protection service requirements under the new IOSS contract. Current Contract Information Three years ago we awarded a contract for auspices/protection services to AlliedPro, Inc. , a large security and consulting services provider with offices in the area. Contract Security/Protection Contractor AlliedPro, Inc. Number of Employees 9250 NAICS Codes 561612 Total Value $15. 2M Type FFPPeriod of Performance 5 years (1-year base with 4 option years) Below is a high-level breakdown of the cost of this contract by FY. Appropriation FY 20X9 FY 20X0 FY 20X1 FY 20X2 FY 20X3 Total O &M $2. 9M $3. 0M $3. 0M $3. 1M $3. 2M $15. 2M AlliedPro provides 45 full-time security personnel for the base the Government provides an additional 20. There are two months remaining in the second option year. Service Requirements AlliedPro security personnel (45 full-time employees) provide the following types of security protection services under this contract * Conduct routine patrols and manage dispatch Protect property and facilities * Control access to the base * get/administer cyber security systems * Conduct background checks and process security headroom applications * Issue visitor and base personnel identification cards Government security personnel (20 full-time employees) provide the following types of security protection services * Threat response * Protection for national security operations * Protection for spanking equipment * Protection for sensitive and classified information The estimated cost of the work performed by the uniformed personnel is more or less $ 1. 0M annually. Current PerformanceAmong other performance requirements, AlliedPro is expected to * Respond to 100% of incidents within the threshold time specified * Conduct 100% of routine patrols on schedule * Process 95% of background checks and security clearance applications within the threshold time specified * Maintain required training certifications and verify minimum qualifications for 100% of personnel on the contract * Ensure the rate of physical security incidents is below the threshold during at least(prenominal) 95% of the monitoring periods * Ensure the rate of cyber security incidents is below the threshold during at least 98% of the monitoring periodsCurrently, we are not satisfied with AlliedPros personnel management. In the last cardinal months there have been some issues with personal appearance, physical fitness, timeliness, and some customer complaints. AlliedPro manages a large and various workforce and works with many large clients and government agencies . Sometimes we feel these issues arent getting the oversight they should be, and that AlliedPros internal hiring standards are not as rigorous as they appear on paper.Stakeholder Comments on Projected Requirements Our business case analysis shows that transferring the current military support of some base security services will be cost effective, but we want to ensure that consolidation does not impact service quality in this critical service area. Were concerned with consolidating all our security/protection services under one prime, given our current situation with AlliedPro.Were also concerned with the new contractors learning curve during the transition period, as they take over protection of indispensable assets and classified information from military personnel. Another thing to consider we try to maintain a threshold number of security personnel per capita on base, the population of which increase measurably due to BRAC over the next few years. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES Currently financial management services are handled by largo, Inc. , a large business.While there is no reason to indicate that Largo is not successfully performing and that the costs are unreasonable, our business case highlights that rolling these services into the future IOSS omnibus contract will inevitably yield cost savings and related process efficiencies. Current Contract Information The Joint Base Powell contract with Largo for financial management services is in its third of four workable option years, which fortunately align with the fiscal year (the same as the targeted award date for the future IOSS contract).Estimated Annual Cost/Savings While specific savings for this specific service area have not been forecasted, market research reveals that combining these requirements with the IOSS contract will yield manpower savings, OH reductions, and a more affordable profit rate, all of which have the potential of saving the command significant money and personnel oversight in this tightly constrained budgetary environment. Service Requirements Financial management services currently include Funds control * Resource allocation * Budget execution * Funds status reports * Cost performance analysis * Funds reconciliation * Labor/payroll support * Review and reconciliation of reimbursable customer accounts Current Performance Largo, Inc. currently offers the following services and performance targets/levels * Process payroll on time 100% of the pay periods * Process payroll with 98% accuracy during all pay periods * Process all financial transactions with 98% accuracy Conduct 95% of all required audits on schedule * Submit 100% of budgets on time * Ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles Stakeholder Comments on Projected Requirements While never popular to displace a contractor that is performing well (unless Largo competes and wins the IOSS contract), the projected cost savings and process efficiencies that the pending IOSS contra ct offers justifies the transition costs and change management that will inevitably be required to implement this new approach.

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